Nergis Yazgan

Nergis Yazgan

Nergis Yazgan is a leading nature conservation figure in Turkey, whose environmental activities span two decades. In 1975, she was instrumental in establishing two non-governmental organizations: The Society for the Protection of Nature (DHKD) and the Turkish Nature Conservation Foundation. DHKD is today a leading conservation organization in the country with 6,000 members and a professional staff of 27, including geomorphologists, fishery engineers, ornithologists and business administrators. Together they are implementing 12 field projects ranging from protection of wetlands and bird habitats to safeguarding Turkey's vast botanical biodiversity through the cultivation of indigenous bulbs and the protection of coastal zones. All DHKD projects have an environmental education component. Thanks to her single-handed efforts a major environmental battle to safeguard the most important breeding grounds of the endangered sea turtles was won. The issue became a huge national and international concern, and ended with the cancellation of a mega- tourism master plan and the declaration of Dalyan as a specially protected area in 1988. In 1994, she was very active in the declaration of another protected area: The Poloneskoy Nature Park near Istanbul. Mrs. Yazgan has always advocated the need for supportive volunteers and has undertaken fund raising activities in addition to her conservation efforts. She was the organizer of three fund raising events, which has permitted DHDK to undertake its activities.

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