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Siti Aminah

Siti Aminah


Siti Aminah is Head of the environmental NGO, Yayasan Solidaritas Bangsa (LSB) in Indonesia, which has received a Global Environment Facility (GEF) biodiversity grant. The aim of the 24-month project is to bring the mangrove forest back to the Semangat Baru Area in Labuhan Mapin fishing village. LSB, mobilized by two young women and led by Ms. Aminah, has already gained the trust of local communities and authorities. The Forestry Department has even requested that their fishermen trainees obtain direct guidance and training from the two women on how to prevent land degradation, manage land erosion areas and explore the Sumbawa coastal areas to improve local community skills and income-generating capabilities. LSB started its activities by planting mangrove saplings, which they collected from an uninhabited island. With their determination and enthusiasm they have brought back the fish and crustaceans to their breeding areas along the shores; increased local people's awareness in preserving the environment; trained people who can promote this effort in other areas; and contributed to the emergence of new groups who will rehabilitate more critical areas in Sumbawa and other islands in the Lesser Sunda Islands. At 25 years of age, Ms. Aminah has established herself as an informal leader of the community and has been accepted without any friction by a society where most leadership positions are traditionally held by men.Siti Aminah

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    Lembaga Solidaritas Bangsa

    Jalan Sanggarahan 25, Labuhan Mapin

    Alas 84353, Sumbawa


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