Ki-Chel Choi

Ki-Chel Choi


Ki-Chel Choi was an educator for 40 years until he retired from Seoul National University in 1976. He taught his biology students with great passion, and as a result produced generations of students who have changed the course of biological studies in Korea. At 87, he is still active. In 1993, he founded the Korea Fresh Water Fish Conservation Association. As Chairman of this organization, he leads the country's movement to conserve fresh water fish. The Brachmystax Lenok, which was in danger of becoming extinct from pollution and over-fishing, has been saved since Choi undertook steps to prohibit the fishing of this species and to protect its habitat. Choi has extended his movement to save rivers and streams. In 1993, he led the movement to save the Han River which has been widely acclaimed. In 1995, he succeeded in artificially incubating the Fugu Ocellatus by discharging 40,000 of this fish on the shores of Kanghwa Island. He has been involved in research which has contributed to the country's development. He supervised the Yangyang Pumping Water Power Plant Project and analyzed its effect on underwater ecosystems, thus contributing to the harmonization of environment and development. He regularly holds exhibitions on fresh water fish, and has lectured extensively at various institutes, as well as at primary, middle and secondary schools. He has inspired and guided the nation to protect the environment and fresh water fish in particular.Ki-Chel Choi

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