Zsuzsa Foltanyi

Zsuzsa Foltanyi

Zsuzsa Foltanyi is an expert in environmental protection, waste water and toxic waste treatment. She first worked as a design engineer, then as a journalist and columnist for a scientific bi-weekly. The real change in her life occurred when she became, in 1986, a member of the ELTE Nature Conservation Club - a non-profit organization where she organized forest-saving actions and co-edited the publication Nature Conservation. She was also a volunteer for the Danube Movement and worked with Slovak and Austrian groups to protect wetlands around the river. In 1989, she was one of the initiators of a major Earth Day event, and as a result became a Board Member of the Earth Day Foundation in Hungary. She was also co-editor of the Hungarian version of the State of the World report, published by the World Watch Institute. In 1990, she became project manager of the Panos Institute, Budapest and edited its publication Panos Feedback. In the same year, she founded the Energy Club, an alliance of Hungarian NGOs, whose aim is to develop sustainable energy policies and promote the efficient use of energy resources. In 1991, she initiated an East/West conference on energy and edited a book based on the proceedings and translated it into Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Russian. She was director of the Environmental Partnership Foundation which provides technical assistance, small grants and training to grassroots groups. She has been on the Board of various Central and Eastern European NGOs.

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