Edward Solon Hagedorn


Edward Solon Hagedorn

Edward Solon Hagedorn was elected Mayor of one of the Philippines' largest cities, Puerto Princesa, in 1992. Immediately upon taking office, he showed that he was a different breed of politician. He is the first Filipino political leader to make environmental protection the centerpiece of his administration. Through his Princesa Watch Program, he stopped the degradation of the City's terrestrial and marine resources caused by logging, slash-and-burn farming, blast, trawl and cyanide fishing. As a result, these resources have been restored. This Programme has earned the City numerous awards, including the Earth Day Award, the Best-Governed Local Government Award and the Macli-ing Dulag Environmental Award. The Operation Plan Cleanliness Program is another project which has earned Puerto Princesa the distinction of being the country's cleanest and greenest city. Mayor Hagedorn has demonstrated that even in a Third World country, an environmental agenda can gain the support of both the people and the policy makers. Having inculcated the environment into the national consciousness, as a means towards sustainable development, many of his programmes are being replicated by other local governments around the country. Mayor Hagedorn's success in environmental management has earned him the Development Management Award of the Asian Institute of Management and the President's Heritage Award. Puerto Princesa is today considered a model city and the country's tourism capital.Edward Solon Hagedorn

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