The Swire Group

The Swire Group

The Swire Group of Hong-Kong is a multi-national company which believes in sustainable development and improved quality of life. It strives to: reduce the quantity of polluting substances, minimize the impact of its activities on the neighbourhood; increase the use of environment-friendly materials, equipment and technology; ensure that suppliers take into account the Company's environmental beliefs and discourage dealings with those who do not; and encourage the widest possible environmental awareness amongst its staff, their families and the public. Cathay Pacific, a Swire subsidiary, is replacing its aircrafts with models which will reduce CO2, CO, NOX and SO2 emissions; has recycling schemes for paper and aluminum; has introduced paperless contracts for aircraft leasing and financing agreements by using computer software and CD-ROMs; and is replacing non-recyclable plastic in-flight items with recyclable or bio-degradable ones. Swire Properties only use timber from sustainable forests. Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong has been granted one year's exemption from paying Government trade effluent surcharges as its waste water is so clean. Hong Kong Aircraft engineering has replaced a chemical cleaning agent with an environment-friendly one to clean aircraft parts. Swire Pacific provides environment-friendly bags in its Marathon Sports and Athlete's Foot stores. The Swire Group produced a video to raise environmental awareness amongst its employees, and it sponsors projects such as tree planting.

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