Health Messengers Association

Health Messengers Association

The Health Messengers Association of Romania, comprising young people between the ages of 8 and 16, deals with health and environmental issues. The projects, which they have undertaken, have had a significant impact. Their Children against Smoking Campaign forced the broadcasting authorities in Romania to stop the publicity of tobacco products and they collected more than 10,000 signatures for an anti-tobacco law. They led a campaign to Save the Trees on Dr. Obedenaru Street, which forced the Government to investigate the matter and to stop the cutting of the trees. Through their Botanical Adoption Programme they found sponsors to rebuild the botanical garden. Their Spaceship No. 2044 project involved putting into the ground, for 50 years, a capsule, which includes a report about the state of the environment in 1994 and promises to improve it. Their Endangered Species Great March was undertaken in the name of plants and animals which they are committed to protecting. The street rally included the Mayor, the Minister of the Environment and many other important dignitaries. Through their Cleaning the Springs project, the children decided to clean 31 mineral water springs. Currently, they are working with the sanitation authorities to transform Sibiu town into a healthy area. They are working on a radio programme to educate patients in hospital about the environment. They are also involved in educational training courses and workshops, and participate in live radio and TV programmes.

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