Valeriy Demyanenko

Valeriy Demyanenko

Valery Demianenko, a lecturer in ecology at Cherkassy Engineering and Technology Institute, has been a leader in the environmental movement in Cherkassy and throughout the Ukraine for more than 25 years. Thanks to his efforts, the regional non-governmental organization (NGO) Ecology and Education was established in 1994. He has helped publish more than 8,000 textbooks and teachers bulletins and developed a number of pedagogical methodologies for children of all ages. In collaboration with NGOs, he ha put into practice a number of ideas, which have contributed to environmental awareness and to a more environmentally-conscious society. His NGO's goals include distributing environmental information throughout the region, establishing broad environmental regulations and setting up environmental courses in various institutions. His NGO has succeeded in introducing an in-depth environmental programme in high schools, in transforming seven high schools into "ecological schools", and in organizing two international conferences on ecology and education.

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