Dr. Jae-Bum Kim

Dr. Jae-Bum Kim

Prof. Jae-Bum Kim is one of the most active leaders of the environmental movement in the Republic of Korea. His activities began when he used his scuba diving skills to clean rivers and streams and by convincing fellow divers to become part of the environmental movement. In 1991, he set up and became Executive Director of "The Clear Water Revival" organization, which initiated an underwater clean-up campaign. As a professor of journalism at Hanyang University, he also realizes the importance of educating young people about the environment. In 1994, he formed the Green Family Movement through which green activities are undertaken by schools, from kindergarten to universities. Today more than 40,000 students in 316 schools are active members of this movement. As Secretary-General of this organization, he initiated cooperation with a number of international environmental organizations, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). He made it possible for young people to participate in UNEP activities such as World Environment Day (WED), the Global Youth Forum and the International Children's Conference. He formed the UNEP National Committee for Korea, which contributed greatly to the success of WED '97 and the Global Youth Forum. He is active in promoting environmental awareness through both print and electronic media, and he has convinced Korea's Educational Broadcasting System to air environmental programmes every week.

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