Anne Mearns


Anne Mearns

Anne Mearns has worked for more than 15 years to improve the environment of her community. In September 1982, she established Wilger Veld and Youth Conservation Clubs in approximately 50 schools throughout South Africa. From 1982 to 1997, more than 6,000 children joined the Club whose membership has expanded to include branches in England and other countries in Africa. In 1989, she began a tree-planting project through which more than 5,300 trees have been planted to date. The same year, she contacted the Council of Benoni to rehabilitate the Bullfrog pan, which was filled with rubbish - at a cost of more than Rand 5 million. The pan is back to its normal status and she and the youth saved some 50,000 bullfrogs from tarred roads and put them back in wetlands.

In 1990, she organized a Wetland Symposium for councils in Gauteng Province, which was attended by some 300 people. In 1992, she began a community vegetable garden project in the townships. In 1996, Mearns wrote an environmental policy for the Greater Benoni City Council. In January 1997, she completed a management plan for two wetlands, and in April, she established the Greater Benoni Environmental Society.

She has appeared on numerous TV and radio programmes and ahs been profiled in several newspapers and magazines. She is the recipient of a number of awards including the President's Trophy from Keep South Africa Beautiful, the Visionary Award from the Benoni Aurora Rotary Club, and the Van Ryn Rotary Award for service above self.

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