Globetree Newsletter July 2013

Dear all friends!

Midsummer has passed in Sweden – an important celebration when families go for traditional dancing around the Midsummer Pole – a remain from a very old tradition - and children learn the traditional songs!

After midsummer the holiday starts. In July Stockholm is like empty – many move to summer huts - and tourists stroll peacefully.
Globetree just now participate in an International Council meeting of Indigenous Grandmothers from around the world.

Our involvement has been to inaugurate a Children's Meeting Place on the islandGotland in the Baltic Sea. The Children's Meeting Place will be an ash-tree near the sea next to Villa Villerkulla, a fantasy house of Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world created by the famous Swedish children-author Astrid Lindgren.

Before the Grandmothers leave Sweden in the middle of July they are invited to Our Uniting Water and Soil Ceremony at the old Oak tree in the Court-yard of StockholmCity Hall. If you are in Sweden – please join!

This year started with a study tour to Nairobi and later on we had a two-month tour with My Life Group from Dandora, Nairobi. The group will be back in September/October for a new tour! The next study tour to Kenya will in December.

It has been a busy first half year in Globetree ... and the other half will be the same! Actually we planned to slow down... maybe next year! Read more in the Newsletter and when your holiday comes – we wish you a lot of fun and rest!

Kajsa Dahlstroem
President Globetree

1.  Study tour to Nairobi in January
2. The tour with My Life Group
3.  The book “Scenialt”
4. The Grandmother's Meeting on the island of Gotland and in Stockholm
5.  The tour with My Life in autumn
6.  Next Study tour to Kenya

1. Study tour to Nairobi in January
On the study tour to Nairobi in January, representatives from the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, Field assistantsin Tensta (City District of Stockholm), Trygga Tensta (Confident Tensta) and teachers from KvickenstorpsSchool in Farsta joined.

The Globetree has an ongoing collaboration with the Network for Women's Prison and Probation Service in Sweden. Women in the prisons had created artistic proposal for a sign board to be placed at The Mother Tree at UN in Nairobi. The proposals were presented and discussed with UN staff and we all agreed to go for an installation with multiple pieces instead of a sign board.

The My Life Group, who had been on tour in Sweden, guided the participants into their home environment of Dandora. All were deeply touched by what they experienced. We also visited Kenya prisons and schools.

2. The tour with My Life Group
The tour with My Life and Child’s Life lasted two months with 55 working days. We had 63 performances at 29 different locations in Sweden. The route was more than 6000 km. It is the distance back and forth Stockholm - Madrid or almost halfway Stockholm to Nairobi!

It was an intense, amazing, sweaty, never-ending tour - but unforgettable! We have many memories to share when we one day sit quietly in retirement home! One week in the very north of Sweden -Norrbotten – with support from the County Council. Two weeks in municipalities of Västernorrland with support from the County Council and the Swedish National Theatre. One week in Skåne, in the very south of Sweden, one week in Mälardalen and three days at the Concert Hall in Vara, where all children in the municipality came to My Life and Child's Life. A full Kenya-day at Kvickenstorpsskolan in Farsta with pupils, all staff and guests from other schools. We participated in a seminar of Tensta District Administration. The performances got many times standing ovation. I think the actors were most proud at the MalmöTheatreAcademy, where students and teachers wondered how they could be so fantastic actors, without education!Many from the Academy want to go to Dandora to understand more. Today My Life and Child’s Life are are presented at the National Theatre Performing Arts Portal; (only in Swedish)

3. The book “Scenialt”
During three years the Globetree (Peroy Kirchner and Martha Velander) led theatre work at the Hallunda Day Centre and produced three different performances. This work was followed by two researchers from UmeåUniversity, a teacher at the Department of Education and a lecturer at the Department of Social Work. Please, read about the work and the research findings in the book "Scenialt - Methodological issues in the work of the performing arts and people with developmental disabilities”. The conclusion is that the self-esteem grows in the work with the theatre performances - a big step out to society's set design.

4. Grandmother's Meeting on the island of Gotland and in Stockholm
We have just finished our first part in an International Council Meeting of Indigenous Grandmothers from around the world.  We have inaugurated a Children's Meeting Place in Kneippbyn near Visby during the special week on Gotland – the Almedals week. The organization Aurora's Ring holds in the overall program and on Gotland, we collaborated with Coach Invest, Kneippbyn and several others. The full program for the Grandmothers is on

5. Autumn tour with My Life
The next tour with My Life Group is in the end of September and the first half of October. There are still two days left to book for the tour! For you who get this Newsletter in Denmark, Finland or Norway - let us know if you wish My Life or Child's Life to be performed in your school, college or association!

6. The next Study-tour to Kenya
Join the next Study tour to Kenya 5 to 15 December! The program is available in August.

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