The Global 500 Mission

The Global 500 Forum highlights and supports humanitarian and environmental causes around the world. Over twenty years of experience allows us to address the needs of our human and global environment. We believe our survival is dependent upon children reaching their full potential through continuous quality education and the enhancement of their community and the world. We assist individuals and groups globally who are doing work of excellence to help preserve the environment and nurture humanitarian causes.

We work in collaboration with communities and governments across the world to develop a safe environment for all children. We believe every child needs to complete secondary school with the life skills to succeed in school and beyond. Experience has shown many of our Laureates have developed education-based outreach programs that touch the lives of children of all ages.

We serve as a primary resource that enables Global 500 Laureates and “Friends of the Global 500 Forum” to connect with one another, work collaboratively and support world wide environmental and humanitarian projects This is made possible through the maintenance of project updates, a searchable Laureate directory, publication of a regular newsletter, Facebook and Twitter media connections, and educational programs.

We believe that “One voice has power.”